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Finding sunglasses which offered the right combination of design, quality and comfort which hit the right price-point became a costly experience for Dan, the Founder of Langstone. While staring into the setting sun holding another pair of overpriced sunglasses that had failed the test, Dan and the team decided to change the experience. 
Instead of continuing the chase for a functional and affordable pair of sunglasses, the Langstone team decided that they would recreate the treasure. Shortly after - the journey of Langstone began, with extensive technical and manufacturing along with consumer research. The culmination of this research has delivered the first in a growing collection of essential sunglasses. This process would also, purposefully shift the customer experience; bringing the customer back into the focus, by only designing well-made, well-priced eyewear.

Here at Langstone, our vision is that everything we do, should benefit the customer. We do this by delivering stunning, affordable eyewear, whilst not compromising on quality. The collection offers a style and design that compliments your individuality.
Born in Sydney, Australia, designed for everyone, everywhere.